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Holidays in Merano: discover our village - Schenna

Nestled between vineyards and orchards on the south-western slope, overlooked by the peaks of the Ifinger and Hirzersul and above the spa town of Merano, Schenna enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine a year. With its panoramic views of the alpine mountainscape and the green Etsch Valley, the village is an oasis of peace and tranquillity, lush with magnolias and palm trees. Some of the localities are situated between 600 to 1,500 meters above sea level. The higher areas are marked by hiking trails.

By contrast, the village centre with its piazzas, restaurants and shops invites you to amble. The once sleepy village on the sunny hills above Merano is now a peaceful but bustling place with a rich variety of cultural and leisure activities.

With its churches and the mausoleum of Archduke Johann, the historic centre testifies to an eventful history, while the mighty Castle of Schenna from the 14th century sits above the newly designed village centre.

The spa town of Merano

Centrally located in the Etsch Valley, the spa town of Merano on the Passer River is known for its mild climate. Merano offers great cultural variety and an Alpine-Mediterranean lifestyle, more than any other place in South Tyrol. This is where high alpine mountains meet the Mediterranean south and barren highlands give way to lush vegetation. Together with well-being, gastronomy and fantastic gourmet in top class restaurants, Merano also offers a varied leisure programme and lots of culture. The long tradition as a spa town has left its mark.

Along the Passer River, the architecture of the Belle Époque merges harmoniously into contemporary architecture. In between there are the winding lanes of the “Lauben” (porticos) from the Middle Ages, which today are represented in a contemporary light next to classical buildings and houses in Art Nouveau style.

Castles & Museums

There are over 800 fortresses, castles, residences and ruins In South Tyrol: a total of 2 million cultural assets.

Some of the most interesting historical sites are in the Meraner Land and surroundings, including the castles of Schenna and Tyrol, as well as the Prince’s Castle. There are also many churches and chapels in South Tyrol, the most extraordinary of which is probably the Prokulus chapel that dates back to the time of Charlemagne.

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