Castles & Museums

In South Tyrol, there are more than 800 fortresses, castles, residences and ruins: altogether 2 million cultural places.


Some of the most interesting are in the Meraner Land, particularly the Castles of Schenna and Tirol, as well as the Prince’s Castle. In addition, there are numerous churches and chapels, the most extraordinary of which dates back to the times of Charles the Great and is called the Prokulus chapel.

The largest profane fresco cycle of the Middle Ages is depicted at the fairy-tale Castle Runkelstein near the provincial capital of South Tyrol: Bozen. The largest weapon collection can be found in the famous Churburg in the Vinschgau region.

However, the 5,000 year old glacier mummy called Ötzi is at home at the Archoelogical Museum in Bozen, near the Museion, the Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art.  

Hotel Innerhofer is the ideal starting point for some of these cultural places, such as Castle Schenna and the mausoleum (grave of Arch-Duke Johann). Castle Tirol, the seat of the Folk-historic Museum and its bird sanctuary is not far away. It’s also worth visiting the Prince’s Palace in Meran and Castle Lebenberg in Tscherms.  

Bird sanctuary

Beside these historic buildings, there are many fortresses, which are currently still in use, such as the picturesque Hocheppan or Castle Sigmundskron, which is the seat of the Messner Mountain Museums MMM Firmian nowadays. Also the Orchard Cultivation Museum in Lana and the Historic Museum Passeier, which offer an insight into the life of the Tyrolean freedom fighter Andreas Hofer, are both worth visiting.