Cultural aspects

The moving history of South Tyrol has left its mark! Cultural monuments range from pre-historic settlements and the 5,000 year old glacier mummy called ‘Ötzi’, to ancient Roman trade routes, the village centre from the Middle Ages, right into the present time.

Besides 800 fortresses, castles and residences (amongst these the Prince’s Castle and the castles of Schenna, Tscherms and Tirol), there are also numerous churches and chapels which tell a story.  

These monuments reach back into an unwritten history. The churches, chapels and the mausoleum of Arch-Duke Johann of Schenna bear witness to centuries past.

More contemporary and always worth a visit is the outlook platform ‘Knottnkino‘ on the Rotsteinkogel mountain. It acts like an outdoor cinema and invites you to enjoy the magnificent mountain backdrop, which runs past you like a movie.  

Outlook platform - Knottnkino