During the harvest time in the autumn, many pubs and snack bars, as well as wine cellars in South Tyrol invite you to a cosy get-together, the so-called ‘Torggelen‘, where you can enjoy local specialities at the end of a long day.

This autumnal tradition brings friends and families together to enjoy true Tyrolean home cooking, young wine and chestnuts. ‘Torggelen‘ is a comfortable social tradition, which is enjoyed by locals and guests alike. 

Also in Schenna, this custom is an expression of South Tyrolean lifestyle. Several ‘Torggele‘ cellars in Schenna and its surrounding area invite you to taste the new wine of the season together with a portion of roasted chestnuts.  

During a typical ‘Torggele‘ event, you are offered a starter such as ‘Schlutzkrapfen‘ (large ravioli-type pasta), followed by a substantial meal, which is in most cases a butcher board of various meats with sauerkraut and dumplings. All of this is served with a new wine of the season and some award-winning wine. As dessert, you are served ‘Keschtn‘ or roasted chestnuts as they are called in South Tyrol, as well as sweet doughnuts. The chestnuts are roasted in a special iron pan over an open fire. They are served with a sweet, slightly fermented grape juice.